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Fairytale Choir

We want Your Child to shine like a True Star!

Fairytale Choir is a choir for children aged 5-11. We are based in the West Midlands (Birmingham, Solihull and surrounding areas). Our choir gives a rare opportunity to young children to not only sing, but also perform the original Musical Fairy Tales on the theatrical stage in front of other children and older audience.

That kind of activity grows children's love of music, helps to develop their musical taste and build their self-confidence. It will give them a feeling of doing something original, important and different.

Original Music & lyrics

Musical Fairy Tales are written especially for Fairytale Choir. Each year we're preparing different Fairy Tale.

Developing musical skills

Not only do we develop children's singing skills. We work on their sense of rhythm (i.e. body-percussion) and experiment with different types of vocals.

Building Children's self-confidence

Our Choir is a great place to help children build their self-confidence.

Performance experience

Fairytale Choir creates a unique opportunity to perform on the theatre stage at the end of each project.

How Fairytale Choir works

Fairytale Choir work takes place in 3 stages:

All children aged between 5-11 are welcome to come to Fairytale Choir. They can either take part in the individual auditions or attend the free trial rehearsal. All selected children will form groups of 20-25 children, in which they will be working through the year. There is no limit to the number of children we can take on board, so if your child is selected they will be guaranteed a place in The Choir and will perform at the end of the project on stage.

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After your child is selected to become a member of Fairytale Choir we will then start rehearsing. The rehearsals take place once a week (on Sunday) during term time only, so your child will be able to enjoy all their holidays and half-term breaks. Due to the young age of the children each rehearsal will last no longer than 1 hour. During the school year children will be preparing an original Musical Fairy Tale. They will learn new songs, develop their singing skills, sense of rhythm and experiment with vocals. After all that hard work they will be ready to perform on stage!

The performance is the final stage of each Fairytale Choir project. The performance takes place in the Theatre and is open to the public. Children will then present the results of their work in a Musical Fairy Tale!

Our motto

Sing like an angel

Shine like a star,

Let music show

Who you really are!

Our team
Nina Wertz

Founder and Artistic Director
of Fairytale Choir

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Our Partners
Venue of rehearsals

Midlands Arts Centre
Cannon Hill Park
B12 9QH